Orthotics Can Change Your World


There are about a million different things you can do to prevent foot and ankle problems: wear the proper footwear for all activities, stretch before exercise, perform regular foot examinations, and so on. Have you considered though that orthotic shoe inserts or custom devices can give your foot and ankle vital support, correct any foot abnormalities, and often postpone or prevent the need for foot surgery?

On the market there are a ton of basic inserts, pads, supports, or cushions that you can buy at any drug store, however, those can be problematic. Orthotics from a podiatrist are custom-made for your foot and the issues you’re dealing with. A computerized gait analysis is done for your foot to determine your foot shape and type and check if you are over or under pronating. A custom orthotic is then specifically tailor-made to fit your gait mechanics analysis.

How can custom orthotics help?

Custom orthotics can help with issues you’re having in your feet and ankles, but also in your knees, hips, and back. Here are a few things that orthotics can offer:

  • Pain relief: strategically placed cushioning can provide relief from corns and calluses

  • Arch support: Having properly supported arches can alleviate any alignment issues that often cause people pain in their knees, hips, and back. Proper arch support is essential to proper foot function

  • Stabilization: Weak ankles and poor balance cause the largest number of debilitating falls that can cause fractures or other serious injuries. Ankle braces can prevent falls by increasing your stability

  • Avoiding or postponing surgery: Custom orthotics can help to treat a myriad of foot and ankle issues, curtailing the need for surgery.

Having a proper evaluation of the structure, mechanics, and movement of your feet done by a board-certified podiatrist is essential to getting the best out of orthotic devices.

If you have pain in your feet or ankles and want to discuss if custom orthotics are a good next step, call us today. Dr. David R. Sullivan here at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC, has extensive training to diagnose and treat your foot or ankle issues. You can reach our conveniently located Westfield, IN office at 317-896-6655.