New Year’s Resolutions for Your Feet


A new year is always a fantastic time to start new routines and traditions. In 2019, start the year off on the right foot by stepping towards healthy foot care! Often people don’t think about foot care until they have pain or another issue arise. As with most medicine though, prevention goes a long way in caring for your feet! Give your feet the care and attention they deserve, and they’ll repay you throughout the year!

Resolutions for healthy, happy feet

Here are some great New Year’s Resolutions to get on board with that will keep your feet happy and healthy all year long:

1.       Get the right shoes. Your shoe choices can have a huge impact on your foot health. Many foot issues are caused by ill-fitting or unsupportive footwear. If you have issues like bunions or hammertoe, special footwear like insoles or custom orthotics can help relieve pressure and pain. Chat with your podiatrist about the right shoes for your feet.

2.       Get any pain checked out. If you have been experiencing foot pain, the first thing you should do is call your podiatrist. Many common issues such as plantar fasciitis can be resolved through stretches and exercise programs if caught early enough, but other painful issues could be more serious!

3.       Exercise. Exercising is a very common New Year’s Resolution and it’s one that your feet will benefit from too! Ease the potential for pain in your feet by properly stretching and warming up before any exercise!

4.       Make comfortable choices. Skip high heels or any other shoe that puts too much pressure on your feet and can cause bunions or other issues. If you live your life in flip-flops or other shoes that don’t offer proper support, switch it up as often as you can!

5.       Take proper care for your feet. Your feet work overtime carrying you everywhere you need to go. It’s important to make sure you show them appreciation. Commit time to your routine to give yourself daily foot checks (especially if you’re a diabetic patient), foot soaks, or exercises and stretches that keep your feet healthy.

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