Footcare While You Travel


Are you planning a great vacation this summer? Have you been toiling away at your desk all winter and spring, looking forward to stretching your legs exploring a new exotic location? Or maybe you’re the staycation type, just looking for a chance to lounge by a local beach or pool. Whatever plans you’ve made, take time to consider caring for your feet.

You might not often take foot care into consideration with travel.  You pack a nice pair of shoes and plenty of socks, but have you thought about all the important things your feet will be doing while you’re on vacation? It’s important to make the best of your vacation by avoiding any foot or ankle pain. We’ve put together a few tips to keep your feet and ankles safe while you travel.

Follow these tips for a great trip!

  • Pack comfortable footwear. Pack a pair of cushy shoes for long walks around a city, or nice, solid hiking boots for any country hiking you’re planning. No matter how cute they are, leave your brand-new shoes behind – they can cause blisters and you don’t want to deal with that on vacation!
  • Cover your feet. Limiting the amount you walk around barefoot will limit the number of things your feet are exposed to. Public areas like pools and locker rooms are teeming with fungus and bacteria just waiting to jump on your foot and give you a nasty infection.
  • Moisturize. Sandals or other exposing footwear can dry your feet out. Spread some moisturizer on them to ensure they stay healthy and hydrated.
  • Sunscreen everywhere! Don’t forget your feet when you slather sunscreen everywhere. Sunburns are painful no matter where they occur!
  • Keep your exercises up. If you’re stuck in a car or a long airplane ride, stretching your feet and ankles will keep blood circulating. This will help prevent swelling or other issues.
  • Watch what you eat. High-sodium diets can make your feet swell due to water retention. Eat healthy, low-sodium meals and skip the salt during long travels.
  • Pack right. Add nail clippers, bandages, foot paddings, and extra-comfy socks to your packing list.
  • Stay well-hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you at all times. Dehydration can lead to seriously painful foot cramps and swollen feet.

We hope you get everything you want and need from a vacation! If you’ve done any damage to your feet during vacation, Dr. David R. Sullivan here at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC, is a board-certified podiatrist who can help diagnose and treat any foot and ankle issue. To schedule an appointment, contact us today. You can call our conveniently located Westfield, IN office at 317-896-6655.