Proper Prep for Foot Surgery


Here at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC, we always attempt conservative methods of solving foot and ankle issues. However, sometimes conservative treatments alone will not treat the problem, and you and your doctor may decide that surgical procedures are necessary. If you are headed towards a surgical procedure on your foot, we know it can be nerve-wracking. Have faith though that our podiatrist, Dr. David R. Sullivan is highly trained and skilled to handle all minor and complex surgical procedures.

We’ve put together the following information to help answer any questions before you head into surgery:

When is foot surgery necessary?

  • Often, when one or more of the following scenarios or conditions are true, foot surgery will be called for:
  • A structural issue or deformity that needs correction
  • You have extreme pain in your foot
  • Your foot is no longer useful in everyday activities
  • Conservative treatments were tried and ineffective

What foot issues commonly need surgery?

What are the types of surgery?

Your doctor might incorporate different techniques depending on your foot or ankle issue. Some minor surgeries can be done in-office with a local anesthetic, while others will need to take place at a hospital. They generally involve the following procedures:

  • Incorporating internal structural supports
  • Removing or repositioning bones
  • Removing or repositioning soft tissues, such as muscle, tendons, skin, etc.

What will recovery look like?

Aftercare will differ from person to person, but typically the doctor will utilize a combination of therapies and other elements, including:

  • RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation)
  • Immobilization using a bandage or cast
  • Foot exercises to help improve and maintain strength
  • Custom orthotics for comfort and to prevent reinjury
  • Physical therapy to stimulate healing

We know that surgery can be a daunting thing to have to endure. Dr. David R. Sullivan at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC, is here to talk through your options and answer any questions you may have about the procedure or the aftercare. He is dedicated to getting you back on the road to happy, healthy feet. To schedule an appointment, contact us today. You can call our conveniently located Westfield, IN office at 317-896-6655.