Rational Facts About Rashes


It can be incredibly irritating to have itchy feet, especially when that itch is trapped in shoes and socks and you can’t get a satisfying scratch on it. What if you’re in public? Do you remove your shoe and sock and scratch away? If you’re in class, you might have a pencil or ruler or some other device to shove down there, but that brings about other hygiene issues! Once you finally get a chance to remove the shoe and sock, you might take a look and realize you have a rash too!

Rashes are common symptoms of underlying foot conditions. Before you start panicking or jumping to irrational rash conclusions, read on to learn the common causes of foot rashes:

Common rash causes:

  • Allergies – Allergens can often be found inside your sock or your shoe, from a food you ate, or from another environmental source. Symptoms of allergies often include redness, itching, swelling, and of course rashes. Serious allergies sometimes are accompanied by blisters, lesions, or scaly patches of skin. An allergist can help determine the root cause of the allergic reaction.
  • Athlete’s Foot – This common rash-causing issue is caused by a fungal infection. The fungus is typically picked up at public pools, in gym locker rooms or showers, or any other public place that is wet and warm. For severe cases of athlete’s foot, a trip to the podiatrist is definitely recommended.
  • Scabies – These highly contagious and extremely itchy infections can make your skin crawl just reading about them! Scabies infections are caused by tiny mites burrowing into your skin, typically in your feet and hands. The rashes might resemble pimples but will soon spread to become patchy rashes. The mites burrow-sight has a thread-like black line. A podiatrist can prescribe a medicated lotion to rid you of the mites and their eggs. 

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