Four Reasons to Take Your Kid to a Podiatrist


Kids’ bodies are completely different than adults’, from their heads all the way down to their feet. This means that their bodies need special care and attention. Many people write off children’s foot pain as “growing pains,” but kids don’t just outgrow podiatric issues. Catching and treating foot problems now could save your kid lots of pain and difficulty when they’re older.

Here are four reasons to take your child to a podiatrist:

1.       Injury – Play is an integral part of any childhood: running around with friends outside, riding bikes on the street, or participating in team sports. These activities are great, but they also come with a risk of foot and ankle injury. If you notice your child limping, or if they’re complaining of pain, call us today. If you notice their interest in sports waning, ask them if they are suffering.

2.       Gait abnormalities – As your child grows, his or her way of walking – known as gait – will also shift. If you notice your kid walking with their toes turned in or out at an extreme angle, always walking on their toes, or limping, this could be a sign of something mechanical. Consult your podiatrist.

3.       Ingrown toenails – Managing nail care is a skill that kids learn over time. When you are cutting your kids’ nails, always use nail clippers to trim straight across without rounding corners. Another common cause of ingrown toenails is too-tight shoes. Every time your child needs new shoes, make sure to get their feet properly measured. Do not try to treat ingrown toenails at home, bring them to a professional foot doctor for treatment.

4.       Fungus and warts – The plantar wart virus and the fungus that causes fungal toenails thrive in the same environments: wet, warm areas. Unfortunately, these are places where kids are often barefoot, like public pools and locker rooms. Always ensure they wear shower shoes in these areas and never let them share socks or shoes with anyone.

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