Fact and Fiction About Heel Pain

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At some point in our busy lives, we may all experience heel pain. Heel pain varies in intensity but should always be investigated. It’s important to remember that no two instances of heel pain are necessarily. If you’re experiencing heel pain, you should never assume the same treatment that worked for someone else would definitely work for yourself. Take a moment to refresh yourself on some of the fact and fiction surrounding heel pain and decide for yourself what applies most to you.

Plantar Fasciitis Always Causes Heel Pain


Although plantar fasciitis is often synonymous with heel pain, it’s not the definitive cause of heel pain. People often use the term heel pain as a stand-in for plantar fasciitis, but heel pain can still simply refer to a symptom of a different condition. However, you might be experiencing plantar fasciitis if you experience any of the following symptoms in conjunction with your heel pain:

  • Burning or numbness in your foot, especially after periods of long rest

  • Pain when flexing the arch of your foot

  • Limping gait caused by pain while walking

Physical Trauma Can Cause Heel Pain


We ask a lot from our heels on a daily basis, especially those of us who work on our feet most days. The repeated trauma caused by the impact of your heel against the ground can cause the muscle to bruise or inflammation of the tendons in that area. You can’t literally walk on clouds, but you can relieve the impact on your heels by:

  • Avoiding ill-fitting shoes or get fitted for custom orthotics

  • Jogging and exercising on softer surfaces instead of concrete

  • Icing and elevating feet after periods of excessive exertion

Heel Pain Lasts Forever


The idea that someone would have to live for heel pain throughout their entire lives is completely false. However, it’s always better to act on heel pain sooner rather than later. The best way to avoid chronic, long-term heel pain is to see your podiatrist as soon as the pain starts. Dr. David R. Sullivan, DPM, of Westfield Foot and Ankle in Central Indiana is ready to find the true cause and best treatment for your heel pain today. Make an appointment online or call (317) 896-6655 to do away with your heel pain once and for all.