Podiatry for Kids


You’re never too young to start taking good care of your feet. We spend a lot of time in these blogs covering bunions, diabetic foot care, and other foot conditions that most often only apply to older patients. But kids have feet, too! And their feet require just as much time and care to establish healthy habits that will ensure a high level of activity as they get older. In this blog, we’ll talk about some of the most common foot conditions facing kids and how to avoid and treat them.

Smelly Feet

All of our feet smell from time to time. But do your child’s feet smell all the time, even in a brand-new pair of shoes? If so, he or she may have a skin or toenail condition that’s fueling the foul odors. Two of the most common sources of smells are fungal toenails and athlete’s foot. Each condition is caused by a fungal infection and might be caused your child other discomfort. But don’t worry; these infections can be treated quickly and painlessly by a podiatrist.


Warts are superficial infections on the skin that are caused by a contagious virus, and they are often found on the plantar area of the feet. One of the easiest ways to pick up this infection is by running around in public places like pools, locker rooms, or even the bathroom at a friend’s house. Because of this, plantar warts are much more common for kids and teens than they are for adults. You can avoid plantar warts by:

  • Choosing to wear shower shoes or flips flops on the pool deck and in the locker room

  • Never swapping shoes or socks with a friend, especially one that is known to have plantar warts

  • Cleaning cuts or abrasions on your feet and covering them with an adhesive bandage until healed

Sports Injuries

Kids love to run and play. Engaging in sports and other physical play is a great way to stay healthy. To stay even healthier, it’s important to make sure your child is wearing the right footwear to protect his or her feet. When buying shoes or cleats make sure they meet the following criteria:

  • Sturdy ankle support to prevent sprains and fractures

  • Cushioned insoles to protect from trauma

  • Arch support that matches your child’s arch type – this may require custom orthotics

To keep your kids playing happily and healthily for years to come, make sure to take them to your local podiatrist as soon as possible. If you live in Westfield, Indiana, or the surrounding Hamilton County area, our board-certified podiatrist, Dr. David Sullivan, can assess your child’s feet today. Make an appointment online at Westfield Foot and Ankle today or call (317) 896-6655 to speak with a member of our staff.