What to Know Before Your First Podiatrist Visit


Are you getting ready for your first visit to a podiatrist? Seeing a foot doctor regularly is as important as having annual checkups with an eye doctor or a dentist. We use our feet every day, and we really ask a lot of them. So, by seeing a podiatrist, you’re taking a great step in the right direction towards lifelong foot health. In this blog, we’ll cover a few things you can expect from your appointment.

What’s Your Foot Health Background?

Your foot health background includes your family history, your current activity levels, and what symptoms you’re currently experiencing. This information will help your doctor understand you better and help him or her diagnose any issues you’re facing. It’s especially important to let your podiatrist know if you:

  • Have a diabetes or a family history of diabetes

  • Have recently experienced any trauma that may have fractured or sprained your foot

  • Are currently experiencing any abnormal heel or tendon pain

What’s Included in an Expert Foot Exam?

For your first visit, your foot doctor will perform a comprehensive foot examination. In this exam, he or she will be inspecting the symptoms your noted in your background as well as for conditions or deformities you might not be presently aware of like bunions or hammertoes. If you’re a diabetic patient, your doctor will also be looking for open wounds or sores and for potential causers of wounds and sores. This information will give your podiatrist an idea of which direction to take your treatment in.

Don’t Delay!

The most important thing to know about your first podiatrist visit is that it’s always better to go sooner rather than later. What may seem like a small problem at first can become a much bigger problem if left untreated. If you’re located in Westfield, Indiana or the surrounding Hamilton County area, make an appointment to see Dr. David Sullivan at Westfield Foot and Ankle. He and his friendly staff will welcome you to office and help you start your foot care journey. You can make an appointment online or call (317) 896-6655.