Act Fast on Ulcers


June is national Wound Healing Awareness Month, and at Westfield Foot and Ankle, we’re focusing on spreading the necessary wound care information.

Foot wounds and ulcers can be scary and can often occur with less than a moment’s notice. These moments after a wound or ulcer has formed are crucial to the healing process. When you first notice a wound, the most important thing you can do is stay calm. Keeping a level head will help you make the decisions necessary to ensure a quick and full recovery.

Wash It

The first thing you should do after realizing you have a wound or ulcer is to wash the affected area. The key to thoroughly healing a wound is avoiding infection. If you’re a patient with diabetes, your body’s ability to fight infection is weakened, which could delay the overall healing over your wound by weeks. Clean your wound by following these steps:

  • Apply pressure to soak up blood or other fluids

  • Inspect for foreign objects – you’ll need to have this object removed to prevent infection

  • Rinse wound with running water, mild soap, and avoid products like hydrogen peroxide that could irritate the skin

Wrap It

Once your wound has been cleaned, you can keep the area sterile by quickly wrapping it in a bandage. For diabetic foot ulcers, wrap gauze around your ankle and foot, making sure the wound is covered and receiving optimal pressure without limiting circulation. Whenever the bandage becomes soaked through with blood or any other fluid, you should change it immediately. The goal, once again here, is to block infections from developing in your foot.

Call It

When it comes to healing diabetic foot ulcers, time is of the essence. Once you’ve cleaned and wrapped your wound, the next step should be to call your podiatrist. The sooner you have your foot wound assessed by a professional, the sooner you can heal. If you’re located in Westfield, IN, or the surrounding Hamilton County area, see certified wound specialist, Dr. David R. Sullivan. Along with his friendly team, he’ll help you heal and current wounds and prevent future ones. Make an appointment online or call (317) 896-6655 today.