Factor Foot Safety into Your Sightseeing


Sightseeing is fun, but being able to enjoy every step you take the next day is important, too. Our team at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC often see patients who took a trip that later turned into a doctor’s visit. We want to help you enjoy every moment as a tourist while protecting your feet and ankles. After all, many people get back to a fast pace after returning from vacation.

Here are three things to consider when preparing for your sightseeing adventure:

Footwear first

There are many things to include on your checklist for packing but don’t neglect your shoes. Whether you’re staying for a weekend or a few weeks, always be sure to pack multiple pairs of shoes. We’re not telling you to throw away your flip-flops, but don’t forget to bring a pair of shoes that will provide support for your feet and ankles. Consider orthotics.

Injury inquiry

Before you start making plans to visit your favorite spots, check with your doctor about any recent surgeries or injuries. If you’re still recovering from a sprained ankle or if you are a candidate for surgery, you may need to switch up your schedule during your vacation. Additional walking might hinder your recovery process or make a current situation worse.

Rest and relax

Regardless of whether your feet and ankles are in tip-top shape, don’t fill your itinerary. Leave room for a later start to the morning. Also, try to include a day of rest or limited walking. If you’ve had days that included hours of walking to reach a destination, your body will need some time to recover. Don’t travel your way to heel pain.

If you’re a resident of Westfield, IN, or the Hamilton County area, Dr. David Sullivan and his team welcome you to visit if you have any questions about taking a big trip. We can take a look at any foot concerns you may have and provide tips that can help you enjoy your trip and protect your feet. Schedule a visit today or call (317) 896-6655.