What’s in Your Child’s Sports Bag?

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The back to school season is here, and we hope you have all of the pencils, notebooks, and highlighters your child needs to kick off a successful year. If your child plays sports, you can add even more required items to pick up before the first game. As you’re helping your child pack their book bag — or gym bag, the doctors at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC want to remind you to include a few additional items that may help reduce or prevent foot, ankle, and heel pain.

Add these items to your list:

Clean Socks

If your child practices after school, there’s a chance that an hours-long school day may already have put some wear on their socks. This means sweaty feet. Before hitting the field or court each day, encourage your child to put on a clean pair of cotton socks. Cotton is a helpful fabric when the goal is to keep your feet dry. Common fungi, such as the kind that causes Athlete’s foot, lurk in locker rooms and thrive in warm, moist areas.

Correct shoes

One style of shoe does not work for all sports, so we encourage you to talk to your child’s coach, speak directly with the sports expert at the shoe store, or schedule an appointment with a podiatrist to make sure your child is wearing the right type of shoe. The wrong footwear can lead to an injury that causes foot, ankle, and heel pain, which can ultimately impact your child’s time on the field.


After-school snacks are great — especially when they are tasty and packed with helpful nutrients. Add high-fiber snacks and other treats with Vitamin D to help keep your children’s feet and ankles strong and one-step ahead of injuries.

If your children play sports in Westfield, IN, or the Hamilton County area, we’re here to support you as you help them grow. Dr. David Sullivan and his team can help you stay ahead of foot and ankle pain that might keep your children on the sidelines.  Schedule a visit with us today or call (317) 896-6655.