Your Feet Work Hard

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If your work life has you on your feet all the time, you know how much they can ache at the end of the day. Most jobs have some aspect of using our feet. Whether it’s walking around the office, shop, construction site, restaurant, or wherever you work; you’re on your feet a lot! That workplace foot action can cause lasting wear and tear on your feet. It can also lead to long-term issues like bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, or other discomforts. You might have to work to survive, but your feet shouldn’t have to suffer while you do it.

Care for your working feet!

One of the simplest and most important steps you can take to care for your hard-working feet is to keep them clean! Good foot hygiene can prevent warts, athlete’s foot, fungal nails, and more. A daily wash also ensures you’re getting eyes on your feet to check for issues like wounds, ulcers, growths, or any other issues. Another good form of hygiene is proper nail care. To avoid ingrown toenails, cut your nails straight across and not too close.

Keep your feet clean by bringing an extra pair of socks and changing once a day. Wear moisture wicking socks and try to wear shoes that can “breathe.” Moist socks inside of boots is basically a paradise for foot fungus. If you have sweaty feet at work try these tips:

  • Use a foot powder to absorb any excess moisture

  • Don’t wear the same shoes every day if possible. Give each pair a chance to air out between each wearing

  • Choose shoes for work that aren’t too cramped in the toe box – this can lead to bunions and hammertoes

  • Canvas shoes are best for work since they don’t trap moisture in

You work hard and your feet deserve to feel good! If you’re suffering from a foot or ankle injury sustained at work, or looking for more resources to keep your feet safe and healthy, call us today! Dr. David R. Sullivan here at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC, has extensive training to diagnose and treat any foot or ankle issues. You can reach our conveniently located Westfield, IN office at 317-896-6655.