3 Ways Podiatrists Help Diabetic Feet


November is National Diabetes Month, and here at Westfield Foot and Ankle, LLC, we are eager to share how podiatric care is essential for diabetics. Most people link combating diabetes with lifestyle changes. They know that in order to get blood sugar levels under control, fight high cholesterol, and lower blood pressure levels, diabetics often have to:

  • Reach a healthy weight

  • Improve their eating habits

  • Regularly exercise

  • Quit smoking

Our podiatrist, Dr. David R. Sullivan, is here to tell you there’s one more incredibly important thing that diabetics need to add to that list:

  • Commit to visiting your podiatrist at least once a year

What can a foot doctor do for diabetics?

There are three essential ways that podiatrists help their diabetic patients:

1.       Podiatrists catch problems before they become serious issues.

When examining a diabetic patient’s foot, we can learn a lot about how they are managing their disease. We can search for signs of trouble in the feet, such as cracked skin, numbness, discoloration, and even changes in the toenails. In an exam, we might find a wound that the patient was not able to detect on their own due to loss of feeling in their feet. All of these scenarios can be signs pointing to a potentially serious issue, such as nerve damage or circulation issues.

2.       Prevent amputation

Amputation is the potential effect of diabetes that is devastating. The good news is that they are often avoidable if issues are caught soon enough. Regular checkups with your podiatrist ensure that your feet are being properly checked, which will prevent needless amputations. These checkups are meant to supplement your daily foot checks.

3.       Help you find the best shoes for diabetes

If you have diabetes, you need shoes that won’t pinch, slip, rub or create pressure on your foot. Dr. Sullivan is knowledgeable in the best shoes for his diabetic patients. He can also recommend shoe inserts or even discuss custom orthotics if needed.

Dr. Sullivan has years of experience in treating diabetic patients. If you have diabetes, make at least one appointment a year with us. You can reach our conveniently located Westfield, IN office, serving both Boone and Hamilton County, at 317-896-6655.